From a Human: You are a little guy. My son is too. Any advice on how he can stay confident when surrounded by a sea of bigger girls and guys at school? Thanks, LC

I am a little guy, about 15lbs. I’m mostly confident with my special human. Maybe your son has a special human? or group of humans? I know they travel in packs much like we dogs.

Sometimes when I feel threatened I growl, but I don’t think humans do that … maybe they do?

I like traveling with my pack. Sometimes it takes a while to establish the order of the pack but it’s most safe to travel in groups. We take care of each other. Have your son find his pack.


Dear Jenkins: is it true that the “Core” curriculum really is the silliest “program du jour” foisted on university students in the history of liberal arts education?

Call it what you will, but all universities have some core or general education requirements to help guide students to fulfill what the school considers essential to an education at that institution.

When I was doing my dogtorate, I had to study basic digging before I got into the fancy stuff. Basic butt sniffing before venturing into the more esoteric and illusive styles. It took me a while to learn to not piss on my other legs when I lifted mine to pee.

I’m guessing humans are similar.

I’m just a dog …

but I’ve got some ideas about the world. So, if you’re interested in a dog’s eye view of the world, you’re in the right place.

I’m like the Ann Landers, or I suppose I could be like the Dan Savage, of the dog world; it just depends on your questions. Don’t get your nuts in a knot, Dan … I’m likely not going to be syndicated. And I got neutered before I was adopted.